Syck Pay

I’m curious to know if the future for education contain Robots showing up in our children’s classrooms to teach them, since the penalty behind a human teacher getting ill makes them pay a fee.

In a recent article reported by CNN, a California teacher who is on sick leave while she fights Breast Cancer, is being forced to pay her classroom’s substitute teachers salary.

The Healthy Workers, Healthy Workplace Law that was adopted in 2014, ensured every California employee to receive paid sick time off based on the opposite accrual process in place before. Prior to, California employees who were eligible for paid sick time off, accrued the hours “at a rate of not less than one hour per every 30 hours worked subject to specified use and accrual limitations” according to California Legislation Information. The new law now guarantees that an employee receives at least 3 days of paid sick time off.

The San Francisco School System allows teachers 10 days of paid sick time per year, which is equivalent to 80 hours a pay period or two-weeks off, before the school systems enacts the law that requires a teacher to pay their substitutes salary if they are going to be out from work for a consecutive period of five school months or more. However, these same rules apply to the ill teacher even if there is no substitute employed.

How unfair? How can a person control themselves from getting sick and cancer at that? The Glen Park teacher, who wishes to stay “anonymous” according to CNN, didn’t ask for this chronic illness and it’s unfair for any employer to make her pay a price for it.


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