Interest in EVs Apparent on Car Sharing Platform Turo

Three Tesla models were among the 11 most popular cars shared in 2018 on the car sharing platform Turo, according to Electrek.  

But interest in electric vehicles on Turo isn’t limited to Tesla. Electric vehicle supply and demand have dominated growth of other types of vehicles on the platform by about 50 percent.

The numbers show that clearly people are eager to learn more about electric vehicles, even if they aren’t willing to buy one yet.  

Purchasing a car is an important life decision and if you’re thinking about buying an electric vehicle, that’s an even bigger decision because they’re pricier than combustion engine vehicles. Many consumers also have concerns about the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.  

Perhaps some of these renters are using Turo to test out an electric vehicle for an extended period of time before buying one to ease their concerns. Instead of just taking a car out for a spin around a dealership, renters can use an electric vehicle for days at a time to see if they’re the right option for them.

I’d be curious if there are any numbers about people buying an electric vehicle after renting one on Turo. If there’s any sort of correlation, automakers should take this into account to help boost electric vehicle sales.

Clearly there’s interest in the US around electric vehicles, but maybe there hasn’t been strong adoption of them yet because people are scared of the unknown and would rather stick to the cars they’re comfortable with. Electric vehicle manufacturers should take note and perhaps introduce some sort of system like Turo on their own for potential customers.

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