Flying Fit

I’m heading on the road in the next few weeks for some long-haul travel.

The notion of crossing time zones, flying over the ocean and meeting strangers along the way are all sources of energy.

But so too is being physically fit.

As a graduate student, I’ve done my best to get in a good workout five to six days a week.  Running, cycling and interval training. And most of the time I accomplish my goals.

I also try to eat healthy, 99% of the time.  But New York is full of temptations.  I happen to live around the corner from a great pizza slice place.  I live above a bagel shop.  Chinese food and baked goods are a mere three-minute walk away.  Despite the enticements, I haven’t completely failed.  I’ve gained a few pounds.  Not really noticeable. It could be a lot worse.

What I have been neglecting is strength training.  Free weights, body weights, bands and planks.  But that has now changed.

As countdown to departure nears, my new goal is to strength training two days a week.  This not about vanity.  This about survival as a traveler.

When I lift I feel stronger.  I stand straighter.  I move better.

While this is a practice I should be doing regardless of a trip or not, a fast approaching flight schedule is the motivation for me to get back where I belong.

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