The Museum of What?!

Fecal matter or its colloquial term ‘poop’ is one of those touchy subjects that’s rarely discussed. After all, the mere mention of a bowel movement is enough to put one off a meal.

Yet, in true Japanese fashion, a museum that was established in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture is the world’s first, to showcase the concept of feces through a contemporary, pop-culture lens.

The Unko Museum (translates to ‘poop’ in English) takes a kawaii spin on what is usually considered as revolting, bringing a series of vibrant motifs, wallpapers and canvases to depict poop as anything but disgusting.

From their plastic poop-shaped stationary to a range of reading material presented in cute, eye-catching cartoons, the Unko Museum appears to be the perfect place for young children, though adults are more than welcome to frequent.

According to a Japan Times article, the museum’s general producer, Masaru Kobayashi emphasized the country’s knack for turning taboo subjects into entertainment. “Everyone, regardless of nationality, gender, generation or sex, knows poo. And it is always thought to be a social taboo in conversation and civilized human life. But, we all know that human beings love to challenge what are considered to be social taboos. ”

Being familiar with the wierd and wacky aspect of Japanese culture, I was under the impression that nothing more could phase me. Unko definitely takes the crown as one of the strangest, yet intriguing developments I have come across.

What I’m truly curious about, is whether or not the museum will achieve its desired effect–to normalize toilet talk and bring poop to the forefront.

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