How much for tissue paper?!

The Osaka Bar Association advised Osaka Prison to lower the cost of their amenities, including tissue paper as it was revealed that its prisoners could not afford them.

Citing the predicament as a violation of basic human rights, local lawyers explain that inmates receive up to 4,500 yen per month ($40), thus limiting the range of necessities they can purchase.

A box of 800 tissues was priced at 594 yen ($5), a pair of men’s briefs, 702 yen ($6.27) while toothbrushes were each being sold for 181 yen ($1.62).

The cost of goods being sold rose in 2011 after the Justice Ministry replaced the initial seller to a Tokyo-based firm under a trading house from a foundation operated by former correctional officers.

Although the Justice Ministry confirmed that they had received the advisory, they appear not to have immediate plans to review pricing structures, sparking concern for the welfare of the prisoners.

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