Airport Eats

For many travelers, their aversion toward airport dining may be dwindling.

I just flew into my hometown airport, Detroit Metropolitan.  The food options now available at the McNamara terminal are voluminous.   You can eat healthy or you can indulge.
Hot dogs, burgers and Chinese food sitting under a heat light are simply no more.  Flyers will find brands that make them comfortable. This includes Q-doba, Chick-fil-A , Pinkberry, Longhorn Steakhouse and P.F. Changs.

While New York LaGuardia has certainly made strides in its food and beverage offerings, the brand collection at DTW is noteworthy.

What’s also impressive, is the local collection of restaurants.  Plum Market with Zingermans, Andiamo and Leo’s Coney Islands are go-to-restaurants for metro Detroiters.  It’s great to see commanding local brands mixed with the chains.

While it’s tempting to go for a pizza slice or fries, the healthy options can leave you a little less weighted down before you sit on a long flight.  For example, on Friday when I landed hungry, I could have scarfed down a McDonald’s burger. Instead, I was able to get a scoop of tuna, some tortilla chips and a drink.  

Airports like Detroit realize the amenities are part of the journey – a way to win over passengers and their dollars.

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