More Earnings and more challenges

United Airlines reported its first quarter revenue at $292 million, with total passenger revenue increasing 7.1% compared to the first quarter of 2018.

American and Southwest Airlines are scheduled to announce earnings next week.

The company says it flew the most passengers in the first quarter 2019 than any other quarter in its history.

Yet United, American and Southwest are all adjusting their schedules after the grounding of the Boeing 737MAX.   In addition to the acquisition of four 737MAX 9 jets, United also received four Boeing 787-10, capable of long-haul routes.

“Our teams are working to further increase the reliability of our schedule and reduce the amount of last-minute flight changes—especially during the upcoming summer travel season. With that in mind, we’ve now modified our schedule through August 5, 2019 to add further stability for customers booking their summer travel,” said Southwest Airlines president Tom Nealon in a press release.

Air travel this holiday weekend could be challenging. Delta Airlines has issued a travel advisory, allowing passengers flying from many east coast airports including JFK, Newark and LaGuardia to reschedule their flights due to inclement weather.

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