Whopping Wagyu Anyone?

In honor of the upcoming ascension of Crown Prince Naruhito, a restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo has unveiled their giant wagyu burger patties, topped with all the trimmings that make this otherwise simple pick-me-up a gourmet delight.

Available at The Oak Door steakhouse, these larger-than-life burgers cost a whopping 100,000 yen ($908) and weigh 3kg (6.61 pounds). Its creators also incorporate a medley of high-class ingredients such as foie gras and shaved black truffles to give the delectable treat an extra boost in flavor.

As per recommendation, six to eight people can feast on one Wagyu burger, named the Golden Giant, which is around 10 inches wide and six inches high. The dish will is served with a complementary bottle of wine and is available from April 1 to the end of June.

The government will announce the name of the country’s new era on April 1 and the 248th Imperial era will start on May 1, upon the Crown Prince’s ascension to the throne, following his father Emperor Akihito’s abdication the prior day.

The 85-year-old Emperor stated his wish to retire in a video message back in 2016, citing his age as a key influencing factor. He will be the first living monarch to step down in around 200 years.

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